Effortless hour tracking for healthier work-life balance

Forget about dated spreadsheets! actiTIME offers an up-to-date solution for trouble-free hour tracking.

Make time entries, edit them in just a few clicks and get an insight into how you spend your work hours to prevent burnout.

actiTIME time tracking interface

Useful automation for streamlined invoicing

Tired of recording billable time and creating invoices manually? actiTIME will do this job for you! Just set preferable billing rates and start tracking your work hours – actiTIME will make an invoice in a matter of seconds whenever you need it.
Sample of invoice created in actiTIME for billable hours

Easy task tracking for excellent project results

No more missed deadlines and cost overruns! Progress monitoring has never been simpler than with actiTIME’s Work Scope Management features.

Plan projects, track performance and set automatic reminders to never drop the ball.

Kanban dashboard for task tracking in actiTIME
Kanban dashboard for task tracking in actiTIME
Samples of time and financial reports created in actiTIME

In-depth reports for smarter management decisions

Wanna know which projects bring greater profit and incur higher costs? Need to see how much time your tasks consume and what holds down the progress?

actiTIME will make complex calculations and provide all the answers you seek in detailed yet easy-to-read reports.