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Calculate overtime pay for yourself or your employees.
This overtime calculator is created to help you count overtime compensation and gross pay for any period of choice, based on employee hourly rates and the number of hours worked.
Calculate overtime pay with this free overtime calculator

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Specify values for each of the following sections:
Regular hourly rate – an amount of money an employee gets per each working hour within a standard workweek.
Regular worktime per period – a number of regular work hours an employee had within a timeframe under consideration.
Multiplier – a number by which an employee’s regular hourly rate is multiplied to receive their overtime rate.
Total overtime hours – a number of overtime hours an employee worked over the same period.
Click on the +Add Employee if you would like to calculate paycheck for more than one worker at once.
Press the Calculate button to see the results.
Not sure whether you or your employees are exempt from overtime pay regulations? Take a quick survey under the second tab – Are you exempt from overtime payment?
To learn more on how to calculate overtime pay, check out our brief guide with step-by-step examples and explanations.

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