Workflow Automation for Higher Efficiency
Zapier lets you get rid of two massive time wasters: constant switching between the apps and manual data entry.
Integrate time tracking software actiTIME with thousands of work management apps
Save time on logging hours by integrating actiTIME with your favourite tools
Integrate actiTIME

with your favorite software tools via Zapier to speed up data export, automate routine tasks and avoid duplicate work.

Nothing can enhance workflow efficiency better than that!

Main Features
Integrate actiTIME with any project management or task management app
Streamlined task management
Zapier synchronizes the creation of tasks and projects in different apps, allowing you to avoid manual data entry.
Automate time tracking by integrating actiTIME via Zapier
Automated time tracking
Whenever you complete a time-bound meeting, call or another event scheduled in the software of choice, your actiTIME timesheets get updated automatically.
Create timesheet entries in actiTIME when new Google Calendar events end
Create actiTIME tasks from new JIRA Software Cloud issues
Create actiTIME tasks when new JIRA Software Server issues are created
Create actiTIME projects from new Trello boards
Send emails in Microsoft Outlook for new actiTIME tasks
Create spreadsheet rows in Google Sheets for new actiTIME tasks
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How to Start?
Sign in to your actiTIME account, locate the Add-ons icon in the upper right corner of the page and press Make a Zap.
In the search field, type the name of an app you want to sync with actiTIME and select it as your preferred integration option.
Choose which types of data you want to sync: set up a trigger (e.g., New Project in actiTIME) and an action (e.g., Create Channel in Slack).
Click on the Connect button.
Link your integrated software accounts to Zapier and set up custom rules for the selected trigger and action.
Test the newly built Zap. If successful, it will be added to the main dashboard in your Zapier account.
Automate your workflow with handy actiTIME integrations
Connect to Zapier
Make sure you have an active account in actiTIME and Zapier. And if you don’t, sign up for a free online trial here.
Connect time tracking software acitTIME to Zapier
Take advantage of a flexible time tracking solution and improve your performance results
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