Time Tracking for Designers and Design Agencies

actiTIME saves time on administrative work by streamlining cost calculations and invoice building. It allows designers and managers to focus more on the creative side of their business.


Favorite Features

Effortless progress tracking
Easy client billing and invoicing
Tracking billable and non-billable hours

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Invaluable help for managers

We have been using actiTIME for 9 months now. Cut down our time keeping by 65%. Easily adopted by entire team. Invaluable to me, accurate and great customer support. Would highly recommend!

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Excellent time saver

actiTIME saves an immense amount of managers' time! Not to mention how effective it is for tracking employees' work. Now I spend hours less verifying and approving paid time off for each employee.

I would strongly recommend purchasing the product to a small and mid-size businesses or an autonomous group within a larger corporation.

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Enhanced control over company goals

actiTIME is a great tool! Since it is web based it makes it easy to access the program. And since the interface is user friendly, it makes it simple for employees to learn it.

We use this software to track the billable and non-billable hours. And it helps us control and understand the company's track to achieve our goals.

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Effortless experience

actiTIME was recommended to our company on one of 3-D Forums a few months ago. And since then everybody is happy working with actiTIME at Xoio.

It was pretty easy to set up the application and took just a few minutes to adjust the screen. We are using actiTIME for employees and project-based time-tracking. It's very helpful and fast!

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