Time Tracking Software for Consulting Business

Consulting businesses rely on actiTIME to build transparent relationships with clients through detailed work breakdown reports, time-based bills and invoices.

Favorite Features

Billable time tracking
Project cost and revenue reports
Seamless cost tracking

See What Consulting Businesses Say About actiTIME

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“Highly recommended for tracking work details”

actiTIME does a great job at tracking billable and non billable time and for project management purposes. Time reports display how productively employees allocate their work hours across client projects and help us improve our work processes.

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“Time tracking app for client billing”

We have all our time control in this piece of software and use it to invoice our clients for our services. We can use actiTIME from any gadget with the Internet connection, and that helps us in our daily work.

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“Realistic picture of where time is being spent”

actiTIME proved itself very helpful! Its variety of reporting capabilities turned out extremely beneficial. We've seen significant changes on the management side since we started tracking time in actiTIME.

We’ve also achieved great consistency in the reporting process. People are tracking their time faithfully and we have a much more realistic picture of where time is being spent now.

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“Fast learning curve and quick profits”

We've been using actiTIME for two months but we are already able to better understand where our effort goes. Employees can clearly see how they spend their working time.

With actiTIME analytics tools, management can better understand how effective their decisions are. You will wonder how easily you start working with actiTIME and how quick the learning phase is!

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“Useful for keeping track of time and project costs”

Really easy to use and manage. actiTIME meets our basic needs perfectly! We find it very useful for keeping track of time and project costs. What we've also noticed, it's becoming easier to use actiTIME with every product update!