Enrich your time tracking reports with leave management data
Schedule Any Types of Work You Like
actiPLANS lets you create custom types of work and schedule them effortlessly on visual timelines. Use it to plan out employee shifts, project activities, staff locations, events or any other work-related matters and processes that make sense in your case.
Enjoy Easy Leave Management
actiPLANS makes leave management effortless for employees and their managers alike. Your team members can schedule vacations and submit time off requests in a matter of seconds, while managers can approve them in bulk and accrue PTO balances automatically.
Manage leaves and times off in actiPLANS and review them in actiTIME
Enrich your time tracking reports with leave management data
Run Insightful Reports
actiPLANS reports provide a complete picture of staff availability and the history of absence. This data helps to improve productivity through better resource allocation.
Main Features
Streamline leave request process in your company
Simple leave request management
Schedule vacation and submit time off requests in a matter of seconds. Approve these requests or reject them in just one click.
Get full picture of employees attendance with actiPLANS reports
Robust reports
actiPLANS reports provide insight into employee absences and the use of time on different types of work. The data can be viewed in visual charts or informative tables and exported as PDF or CSV files.
Overview team schedule in actiPLANS
Visual work scheduling
actiPLANS includes an intuitive visual timeline that makes it easy to schedule employees’ working time and monitor when your team members must be on the job.
Request leaves with email notifications
Email notifications
This feature informs managers of newly submitted leave requests and alerts employees whenever their work schedules get updated.
Automate PTO calculation with a number of rules
Automated PTO accrual
Forget about manual PTO calculation. Just configure your preferable PTO accrual rules, and actiPLANS will keep employee PTO balances up to date.
Mobile attendance app actiPLANS
Mobile app
Use actiPLANS Mobile to notify colleagues on any changes in your work schedule.
How to Get Started?
Step 1
Log in to your actiTIME account, find the Add-ons button in the upper right corner of the page and click on "Enable integration" under actiPLANS description.
Integrate actiTIME with actiPLANS in two steps: step 1
Step 2
Next, you may choose to sync the apps right away or test actiPLANS as a standalone piece. In both cases, a trial account will be automatically created for you in actiPLANS.
Integrate actiTIME with actiPLANS in two steps: step 2
Take the next step to flawless work scheduling with actiPLANS
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