Info Resource

The following requests are supported for operations with system settings via actiTIME API:


System Settings and Info

System settings and info available via API:

Data Group Data Description
company logoUri URL of the logo used in the web interface.
name Company name.
customNames firstLevel Top grouping level name of time-track hierarchy (in singular and plural form).
secondLevel Middle grouping level name of time-track hierarchy (in singular and plural form).
thirdLevel Time entry level name of time-track hierarchy (in singular and plural form).
department User groups name (in singular and plural form).
format currency Currency sign.
decimalSeparator Decimal separator.
timeFormat Default time format in HTML reports and charts.
dayOfWeekStart First day of a week, shown in numeric format (0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, …, 6 = Saturday).

These parameters show whether specific actiTIME features are enabled or disabled. Possible values for each parameter: true (enabled), false (disabled).

overtimeRegistration Overtime Registration Feature.
departments Departments Feature.
timeZoneGroups Time Zone Groups Feature.
taskEstimates Task Estimates Feature.
taskWorkflow Task Workflow Feature.
workAssignments Work Assignments Feature.
typesOfWork Types of Work Feature.
leavetimeRegistration Leave Time Tracking Feature.
urls actiTime URL of actiTIME web application.
actiPlans URL of actiPLANS web application.
api Base URI of API.
apiDocumentation URI of API documentation.
limits maxBatchSize How much requests can be sent via single batch request (maximum).
maxQueryLimit How much results can be returned in single listing request (maximum).
serverUUID UUID that uniquely identifies the instance of the server.

Get actiTIME Settings and Info

Use the following request to retrieve actiTIME settings and info:


Example Request:

curl -X GET "<actiTIME URL>/api/v1/info" -H "accept: application/json; charset=UTF-8" -u "username:password"

Example Response:

  "company": {
    "logoUri": "<actiTIME URL>/img/default/top_nav/default-logo.png",
    "name": "Best Company"
  "customNames": {
    "firstLevel": {
      "singular": "Customer",
      "plural": "Customers"
    "secondLevel": {
      "singular": "Project",
      "plural": "Projects"
    "thirdLevel": {
      "singular": "Task",
      "plural": "Tasks"
    "department": {
      "singular": "Department",
      "plural": "Departments"
  "format": {
    "currency": "$",
    "decimalSeparator": ".",
    "timeFormat": "minutes",
    "dayOfWeekStart": 1
  "features": {
    "overtimeRegistration": true,
    "departments": true,
    "timeZoneGroups": false,
    "taskEstimates": true,
    "taskWorkflow": true,
    "workAssignments": true,
    "typesOfWork": true,
    "leavetimeRegistration": true
  "urls": {
    "actiTime": "<actiTIME URL>",
    "actiPlans": "<actiPLANS URL>",
    "api": "<actiTIME URL>/api/v1",
    "apiDocumentation": "<actiTIME URL>/api/v1/swagger"
  "limits": {
    "maxBatchSize": 100,
    "maxQueryLimit": 1000
  "serverUUID": "bab6e620-a9ee-4869-8ce4-b59741ecc750"

More info on using this request is available in our detailed documentation