Flexible Product Configuration

Tune the Product to Your Needs

actiTIME is designed to make the user experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. While the product offers
a variety of features, you are free to turn off any unnecessary functionality and only keep what you need. Anything you disable will be hidden from the users’ view, making the application even easier to navigate.

actiTIME flexible configuration
Flexible work scope management

Use Your Own Terminology

We know everyone does things their own way. That’s why in actiTIME you’re not restricted to using the default “Customer/Project/Task” levels. If it doesn’t work for your particular workflow, feel free to rename the structure levels at your discretion.

Define Schedules, Leave
and Work Types

With unlimited number of custom leave and work types, actiTIME can cover all of your organizational needs. Set up company-wide or personal work schedules in line with your company policy, making automated overtime calculations and reporting more accurate.

Schedule staff leaves

Configure Your Workflow

Follow your own workflow by creating custom work statuses for your tasks. Break down big projects into stages and move forward, taking one step at a time. Mark each status with a color of your choice for easier interpretation.

Fine Tune Your Process

Start Using actiTIME