Robust Solution for Advanced Software Customization
Use API to synchronize data input across your tools and align actiTIME’s reporting functionality with your internal needs just perfectly.
Customize time tracking software actiTIME with API
Personalize your actiTIME experience
Easy Process Automation
API boosts workflow efficiency and helps to save a lot of time. It provides all you need to personalize your software experience and avoid repetitive data entry.
API Usage Examples
Easy time tracking data export
Easy data export
Export your project data from actiTIME to other software solutions or use it to build custom reports.
Import data from third party tools in actiTIME
Streamlined data import
Move data from external sources to actiTIME automatically, make bulk updates to your timesheets and project info in a matter of seconds.
Automate actiTIME synchronization with other tools
Process synchronization
Sync the creation of actiTIME projects and tasks with various actions performed in external apps.
How to Get Started?
Start a free trial if you still don’t have an actiTIME account.
Read our detailed API Guide to learn more about your multiple options for software customization and workflow automation.
Test API using your trial account.
Once you’re certain API does what you need, implement the changes to your production data.
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