actiTIME Open API

The actiTIME Open API allows you to gain direct access to your data and interact with it programmatically.

Using this tool, you can extract almost any information from your actiTIME, add new items, create custom reports or build integrations with your favorite applications. The possibilities are endless!

actiTIME Time-tracking browser extension
Gain Full Control Over Your Data
Gain Full Control
Over Your Data
Using a few simple commands, you can add, update or export practically any data to and from your actiTIME. From something as simple as pulling up a list of your current projects, to more complex tasks like building your own unique reports – there’s a lot you can do with our API.
Integrate actiTIME Into
Your Workflow
Provided you have the technical expertise, you could use our API to integrate your actiTIME into your day-to-day workflow and make it work in sync with other applications.
Integrate actiTIME Into Your Workflow

Get Started Now

Start a free trial if you don’t already have an actiTIME account, then read our detailed API Guide, and get going!

Just to be safe, we recommend that you don’t use your actual data for testing at first. We have a dedicated and free demo instance available just for that purpose.
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