Leave Management

Record Team Absences

Just like everyone else, your employees deserve some much needed time off every now and again. Use actiTIME to track their absences, including vacation, business travel, study leaves or sick days.

Team leave management
Custom leave types

Create New Leave Types

No matter if you need to track a “snow day” or a parental leave, actiTIME has got you covered. Set up any number of custom leave types in line with your organization’s absence policy. You can also specify hourly rates for each leave type, making it easier to track leave-related employee costs.

Automate Leave Calculation and Accruals

Forget all about paper-based accrual calculations or bulky Excel spreadsheets. With automated accrual of leave time, actiTIME will save you a ton of trouble. Just set up the rules (individual or company-wide) and the system will automatically update your team’s time-off and sick days balances.

Automated leave calculation and accrual
Staff leave balance reports

Adjust Balances and Pull Reports

When setting up a new user or adjusting accrual policies, some minor corrections might be necessary and our manual adjustments allow you to do just that. Review the history of balance changes for any individual user, or run
a dedicated leave time report to get an overview of the entire team.

Schedule and Approve Employee Leaves with actiPLANS

Benefit from the ability to send and approve absence requests by integrating actiTIME with the actiPLANS add-on. Using two applications together provides you with a well-rounded solution, covering most of your work and leave time management needs. Any changes made in one tool are automatically reflected in the other, so you’re 100% safe from any errors or duplicate entries.
Employee leave management in actiPLANS

Automate leave management and PTO accrual

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