Team Management

Invite Users in Less Than a Minute

Add multiple colleagues to the system at once, cutting down the time to set things up. Their first, last name and their email address is literally all you need to invite them to actiTIME.

Easy to start team management
Flexible work schedule configuration

Configure Your Work Schedule

Full-time, part-time, or flexible – actiTIME works great regardless of your hours. If the system-wide schedule doesn’t apply to everyone on your team, you can easily set up individual work schedules.

Create Teams

Smaller teams are easier to manage. Group your employees by departments, locations, or time zones. Put team managers and leads in charge of coordinating their team’s workload and approving timesheets — all done within actiTIME.

Team management tool Team management sample
Individual work scope

Define Individual Work Scope

Bring the right people to the project, allocating resources as you see fit. Allow your managers to have access to entire projects, while letting your regular folk see and work on just a handful of selected tasks. Distribute assignments individually or by teams, depending on how you’d like to organize the process.

Stay Updated on
Your Team’s Work

Automatic notifications in actiTIME help you stay proactive with the projects you manage and keep up with your team’s performance. The system will let you know if project costs exceed your budget, or if work is taking more time than estimated.

Projet budget control

Manage Team More Effectively

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