Easy Time Tracking Directly from GitHub

Effortless GitHub time tracking with actiTIME Timer

With actiTIME Timer Extension for Chrome, you can capture your work hours directly from GitHub/ GitLab issues, pull or merge requests, and Wiki pages.

The timer counts your work time on the page where you’re working, so you don’t need to open any other tools, sites or tabs for logging your time.

Connect actiTIME Timer to GitHub

Connect the extension to GitHub/GitLab in the settings, and actiTIME timer will appear in issue list, pull or merge request list, and on separate pages.

Integration of actiTIME and GitHub
Start actiTIME Timer directly from GitHub issue or pull request you’re working on

Capture Time with Integrated Timer

Start the timer directly from the issue list or from the page of specific issue or pull request you’re working on.

Pause the timer when you go on a break, and stop it when your work is done.

Log Hours with Smart Suggestions

actiTIME Timer extension has a smart suggestions feature that helps you find actiTIME tasks to save captured time to. You also can pick necessary task manually from the list of recent tasks, search it in the list of all tasks, or create a new one directly from the timer popup.

If you’ve previously recorded time spent on a page for any actiTIME task, the timer automatically suggests this task for future time recording on that specific page.

Captured time is uploaded to actiTIME automatically once you’ve selected the task.

Smart task suggestions in actiTIME time tracking extension
Edit tracked work hours in actiTIME

Edit Time Manually

If you forgot to stop the timer or didn’t pause it when you were on a break, simply edit your captured hours manually.

Enjoy effortless GitHub time tracking with actiTIME Timer.

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