Track time While Working in Google Apps.
actiTIME Timer is ready to provide you with highly accurate performance data in a streamlined and distraction-free way.
actiTIME browser extentions offers easy way to track time in Google docs
Start the timer in any Google app in one click
Integrate actiTIME Timer into your Google Apps
Start tracking time with a single push on a button. Enjoy all the benefits of easy and automated time tracking – use precise time records to understand how efficient and productive you are.
Main Features
Activate or stop actiTIME timer in the toolbar of your Google app
Automated one-click timer
Locate the timer on the toolbar of your Google app and activate or stop it with a single click on a button.
Spent less time on tracking work hours with actiTIME auto-suggestions
Smart task suggestions
Pick a task from the list of suggestions to start hour tracking or create an entirely new task if you wish.
Edit actiTIME timesheets if necessary
Manual editing
In case you forgot to stop or pause the timer once done with work, you can always edit your timesheet manually.
Enrich time reports with details by adding comments to your time entries
Time entry notes
Attach comments to your time-track records to elaborate on what’s been done and register your progress in greater detail.
How to Get Started?
Download and install actiTIME Chrome Extension.
Link it to your actiTIME account.
Open the timer’s settings, select as your preferred integration option and press the Allow button.
Whenever you’re ready to track time, locate the actiTIME icon in the toolbar of your Google app and hit the Start button to begin.
Afterward, you can sync the auto-generated time record with an actiTIME task of choice, and it will be saved to your timesheet once you click on the Stop button.
Integrate actiTIME Timer with Google Apps and track hours with ease
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