actiTIME Timer Extension:
Neat Time Tracker for Google Apps

Time tracking software integrated with Google Apps

actiTIME Timer Extension for Chrome offers a convenient way to track time in Google Apps.

Integrated with your cloud apps, the timer sits in the toolbar and allows you to capture work hours directly in the document you’re working on. The timer counts your time while you’re working, and you don’t need to switch to any other windows or tabs.

Supported Apps

actiTIME Timer works with the following apps

Connect the Timer to Google Apps

Integrate the extension with Google Apps in the settings. After that, the timer will appear in the toolbar of your document.

Connect actiTIME time tracking extension to Google Apps in the settings
Start and stop the time tracking extension directly from the Google document you are working on

Start Tracking Time

Launch the timer in the document you’re working on, and start tracking time.

Pause the timer when you go on a break, and stop it when your work is done.

Use Smart Suggestions

actiTIME Timer extension has a smart suggestions feature that helps you find actiTIME tasks to save captured time to. You also can pick necessary task manually from the list of recent tasks, search it in the list of all tasks, or create a new one.

If you’ve previously recorded time spent on the document for any actiTIME task, the timer automatically suggests this task for future time recording on that document.

Captured time is uploaded to actiTIME server automatically once you’ve selected the task to save it to.

Smart task suggestion feature in actiTIME browser extension
Edit tracked time directly in the extension

Edit Captured Time as You Need

Forgot to stop the timer after work is completed, or did not pause it for a break? Just edit captured hours manually, and upload them to necessary actiTIME task.

Track work time in
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faster with actiTIME Timer for Chrome.

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