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What is actiPLANS?

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actiPLANS is a leave management system that makes the entire leave management process easy and effortless. It provides a clear view of the corporate work schedule and shows who and when is taking a leave. actiPLANS data helps project & team managers review and allocate available resources.

actiTIME Online offers smooth and seamless integration with actiPLANS. Time off approved in actiPLANS is automatically booked in actiTIME. User accounts, departments and leave types are shared between the two systems.

actiPLANS screenshot

Main Features

  • Leave Requests Management

    Employees can easily submit leave time request specifying leave duration and type, while managers are able to approve, reject or delete the requests in one click.

  • Overview of Available Resources

    See who is in the office, review the information about past, current and upcoming leaves of your colleagues and get the full picture of available resources with the interactive and colorful absence chart.

  • Calculation of PTO & Sick Days Balance

    With automated PTO and sick days accruals, you can easily manage your employees' paid leave time. Make use of automated balance resets and manual adjustments to keep the PTO and sick days balances up-to-date.

  • Reporting

    Leave time & Balances report provides a full picture of teams’ absence and balance changes for the selected period. Report data are represented both in visual charts and informative tables; export to PDF or CSV format is available.

  • Email Notifications

    Email notifications let you stay alert on any changes in the corporate schedule. Managers will know exactly when their assigned users request a leave, while employees will be updated on the status of their leave requests.

  • actiPLANS Mobile for Android & iOS

    The mobile app extends actiPLANS’ functionality, helping you notify your colleagues when you are running late for work or leaving the office early right from your mobile device. Check who is out of office and when they are coming back to work – both in the mobile app and in the schedule. Stay in touch without distracting calls.

Start Trial from Your actiTIME Account

Log in to your actiTIME Online account, click on the 'Add-ons' icon located at the top of the interface, and choose 'Integration with actiPLANS' option:

Integration with actiPLANS

You will see a dialog where you can choose between two options: integrate actiPLANS with your actiTIME Online account, or try actiPLANS with preloaded demo data:

Dialog Integration actiTIME with actiPLANS

To start free actiPLANS trial just choose the option you prefer — your trial will be ready in a couple of minutes.

If you have any questions, read more on integration with actiPLANS in User Guide or contact us at

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