Work Scope Management

Customize Your Work Structure

Replace the default “Customer / Project / Task” levels with custom names that better align with your specific workflow.

Flexible work scope management
Project scope management

Create Project Scope
Faster Than Ever

Get things done faster by creating several tasks at once or by uploading them in bulk from CSV. Edit and create tasks directly from your timesheet page without the need to access a separate interface.

Add Details to Each Task

Establish task deadlines and estimates to monitor employees’ progress as they work on their assignments. Select a type of work for each task to link it with a billing rate, and get an overview of work done by activities.

Work scope details
Tasks assignment

Assign Tasks

With work assignments in actiTIME, you can easily make sure that every piece of work is taken care of. Decide which team members will access the entire work scope or just the selected projects and tasks, depending on their responsibilities. Delegate work to project teams or individual employees.

Monitor Work Progress

Use actiTIME to get an instant overview of work in progress. Track the tasks flow from “To Do” to “Ready”, moving cards on a customizable Kanban board. Collaborate easily with your team by having access to the up-to-date progress statuses.

Project status reminders
Project status reminders

Make Use of Built-In Reminders

Our automatic email alerts will help you move projects forward with confidence. Set them up to keep projects on budget and never miss a deadline. Configure rules for each notification, defining who and when should be notified.

Lock Completed Work from Changes

Protect your time data from any unwanted changes. When timesheets are ready and approved by a manager, lock them to prevent employees from making any last-minute modifications.

Lock timesheet
Projects tracking

Keep Projects on Track

Know where every project stands by reviewing your team’s performance with a selection of detailed reports. With the ability to report on every aspect of your work—such as total spent time, billable vs. non-billable hours, or project costs— you can evaluate performance from all sorts of different angles.

Streamline Work Scope Management

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