Simple Time Tracking

Enter Time in a Neat Timesheet

actiTIME makes time tracking as simple as it can be. Record time spent on work assignments, leave comments or submit a day off in a weekly timesheet.

Simple time tracking
Individual timesheets

Review Individual Timesheets

Check detailed stats of each employee and see how their hours are distributed across projects and clients. The timesheet summary lets you compare scheduled hours with the actual work they put in. Use this info to assess personal productivity and support flexi-time policies.

Approve Timesheets

Don’t let any time slip through the cracks. Review, approve and lock timesheets before billing or payroll to ensure that the reported hours are correct.

Timesheet approval
Personal time-track reminder

Set up Automatic Reminders

Tracking time daily is a lot less work and more accurate than filling in a timesheet once every week or month. Get your team to do their timesheets on time with automatic email reminders, prompting them to be more organized (and making your accountant happier).

Calculate Overtime

Comply with the overtime laws by tracking overtime hours automatically, or allow your employees to manually enter the overtime. Use a summary report to bring up a list of your employees eligible for overtime pay.

Overtime calculation

Simple Time Tracking for Better Management

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