Easy Time Tracking with Free Timesheet Templates

Easy Time Tracking with Free
Timesheet Templates

Time tracking is the key to efficient work hour monitoring. However, for producing desired results, it must be performed consistently and accurately.

Compared to standard manual tools, timesheet software, such as actiTIME, can make the time tracking process more effortless and error-free while also providing managers with deeper insight into team productivity trends.

Do you still prefer to fill in timesheets manually?

We’ve got you covered! Here is the ultimate list of weekly, biweekly and monthly timesheet templates for different time tracking styles. They are available at no charge, without registration and in multiple formats.

Daily Timesheet

A straightforward timesheet template for tracking work hours every individual day.
Daily Timesheet
Basic Daily Timesheet

Weekly Timesheet

In this category of weekly templates, you can find standard timecard templates, as well as many variations of thereof: timesheets with hourly rates, tasks, lunch breaks and so forth.
Weekly Timesheet
Basic Weekly Timesheet
Weekly Timesheet with Lunchbreaks
Weekly Timesheet Template with Hourly Rates
Weekly Timesheet with Tasks

Biweekly Timesheet

Do you like to calculate bills and employee wages every second week? No problem! One of the templates from this collection of biweekly timesheets will surely turn out to be a perfect match for you.
Biweekly Timesheet
Basic Biweekly Timesheet
Biweekly Timesheet with Lunchbreaks
Biweekly Timesheet Template with Hourly Rates
Biweekly Timesheet with Tasks

Monthly Timesheet

This template category is for those reviewing and processing time logs by month. With these timesheets, you can collect data on work hour totals and oversee when employees clocked in and out each day.
Monthly Timesheet
Monthly Clock-in Clock-out Template
Basic Monthly Timesheet Template