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Free Excel Timesheet Templates

Do you do timesheets manually at your company?
We have some free timesheet templates that could make things a bit easier for you.
There are basic time cards and full-blown timesheet with hourly rates.
Record your hours, lunch time and even specific activities.
The downloads are completely free and don’t require any registration.

Basic Weekly Timesheet
(Time Card)

This basic template is a ready-to-print timesheet for one employee for a single work week. Enter employee details, start and end time, and the total number of hours will be calculated automatically.

Download basic weekly timesheet

Weekly Timesheet with Lunchbreaks

If you need to track lunchbreaks in addition to hours, use this weekly template. Employees just need to enter when their lunch started and ended, and it will be automatically deducted from the total.

Download weekly timesheet with lunchbreaks

Weekly Timesheet Template with Hourly Rates

This handy ready-to-print timesheet includes hourly rates, so it can be used for payroll or billing. Simply enter the employee rate and hour and the total amount will show up at the bottom.

Download weekly timesheet with hourly rates

Weekly Timesheet with Tasks

This timesheet allows employees to track time spend on specific tasks or activities. It’s extremely useful for planning purposes, but can also help with billing and payroll.

Download weekly timesheet with tasks

Biweekly Timesheet Template

If you bill or do payroll every other week, this is the template for you. It’s preformatted for printing and includes employee rates, with the totals calculated automatically for both weeks.

Download biweekly timesheet

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