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After Comparing 25 Different Solutions IT Consulting Company from Hungary Improved the Accuracy of their Time Logs with actiTIME

About company

DSS Consulting Ltd. has a rich 20-year experience in developing customized applications and providing companies with business and IT consultancy. The company is based in Budapest, Hungary.

Time-tracking before

There are about 80 people working in DSS Consulting Ltd. on multiple simultaneous projects. For fixed-price projects, the company needs to track hours not to go over the budget. For time and materials projects, time logs are necessary to provide clients with detailed invoices.

Before implementing actiTIME, DSS Consulting used an in-house app with basic functionality. Since the app required constant improvements, the management decided that in the long term it’s worth going with an out-of-the-box solution and invest this development capacity into the clients’ projects.

We did a thorough market research comparing about 25 different products, both cloud and self-hosted, open source and commercial. What we were searching for was a user-friendly UI, a set of required features, and an attractive price. actiTIME turned out to have the best combo of these qualities.

Favorite actiTIME Features

Mobile app
Mobile app
It lets everyone track time on the go.
Custom reports can be configured in dozen ways, so as to fully support company’s needs.
Mobile timer
Mobile timer
It’s so easy to push a “Start” button when people start a different task.

Time-tracking after

Complete adoption process including data migration from the previous system was simple and took less than 3 months. DSS Consulting already had an established time-tracking process with a special controller who reminded employees to complete their time logs by the end of each week. That’s why there was no need to invent the way to encourage employees to record their time.

However, switching to actiTIME made employees’ user experience considerably easier and more intuitive. People particularly enjoy using mobile timer as they switch from one task to another. It only takes to click “Start” and “Stop” button wherever they are to get accurate time logs in the end of the day instead of making time notes.

After implementing actiTIME 3 years ago, we’ve been getting accurate and measurable data of how time is distributed across our projects, and now we can timely react to any deviations. I would name two main things that define time reports accuracy for us: it’s a clear customer-project-tasks structure and regularly completed time logs achieved by an easy-to-use interface.

Custom performance reports provide managers with a clear picture about the burned capacity, activities that take the most time, and insights into improving project workflow.

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