Reports and Data Analysis

Pick the Right Format

Visual representation of your data is as important as the data itself. Have the figures displayed in a variety of formats: charts or HTML spreadsheets, CSV or PDF, whatever works best for you.

Flexible time and billing reports Export time and billing reports PDF time reports
Staff performance report

Analyze Team Performance

Don’t rely on guesswork when assessing your team’s productivity. Pull the exact figures from a report to see how your team is performing on selected projects, and easily identify bottlenecks and problem areas. To view the data exactly how you want to, choose from dozens of available filtering and sorting options.

Compare Estimates with Actuals

Improve the accuracy of your projections with task estimates. Review how your estimates stack up against the actual hours, and use that data to revise your predictions for future projects.

Project estimation
Overtime report

See Overtime and
Leave Costs by Users

Calculating overtime and leave time pay doesn’t have to be a headache. With overtime and leave rates set up in the system, actiTIME will do the job for you. Simply run a report to review the details and ensure that employees get paid accurately.

Run Cost and Billing Reports

Get a detailed breakdown of the cost and billing information to see if you’re within budget. Analyze the profit/loss ratio per project, and provide your customers with detailed information on billed hours.

Cost and billing report
Create and edit PDF invoices

Create and Edit PDF Invoices

Forget about homemade Word or Excel invoices and manual data entry — all data you need is already there. Create your own custom PDF invoices directly in actiTIME, without having to correct mistakes or remove duplicated entries. And make sure to brand your invoice with
a company logo and contact information.

Leverage the Power of API

If our existing reporting options are not robust enough for you, you can take advantage of our API to access your data directly and build your own custom reports in a different environment.

Cost and billing report

Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights

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