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Why Everyone is Talking About Flextime

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like with a flexible work schedule? Take a look at our guide to learn everything you ever needed to know about flextime and see how it can work for you too.

Time Is Up: How to Reduce Overtime

You’ve noticed that your employees are tracking overtime over and over again? Beware of the consequences… Read more on why overtime should be avoided and how to do it effectively.

Three Simple Ways to Motivate Employees

There are many recommendations on the best ways to motivate employees. Alongside with specific actions, there are three simple steps that any team leader can take to increase employees’ engagement and fuel teamwork.

How to Inspire Your Team to Achieve More

Motivation is crucial for high performance and productivity, but how to inspire your team to do more? Read on to learn more about easy and efficient steps that help create a motivating work environment.

America: The No-Vacation Nation

America: one of hardest working nations in the world. So hard-working, in fact, that in 2014 almost half of all employed Americans did not take a single day off. Scary stuff, right? Read on to learn more.