Workplace Horror Stories That Can Happen to Just Anyone

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October 2023
Workplace Horror Stories That Can Happen to Just Anyone

Halloween is just around the corner. To learn what frightens people most, we asked our colleagues, friends, and relatives to share some workplace experiences that fill them with anxiety and even dread.

The work nightmares below are not a product of a vivid imagination; they happen in real life and make everyone shiver even at the very thought of them. Boo!

Work nightmares infographics

And there are more! Enjoy a handpicked selection of ridiculous workplace horror stories to make you laugh and.. panic.

Cursed Emails

Dozens of things can go wrong with emails, especially if you have to send many of them daily.

One of the most common email blunders is accidentally hitting the “Reply-All” button instead of “Reply.” This can lead to accidentally sharing your angry response or nasty comment with the entire recipient list, including people who… let’s say, do not need to be involved in the conversation.

Rushing through an email or not thoroughly proofreading can result in embarrassing typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors. These mistakes and uncontrolled autocorrect can transform innocent messages into hilarious and embarrassing ones.

And don’t forget the disappearing attachments that are incredibly frustrating when it comes to urgent matters.

The Haunted Projector

Presentation equipment is tricky. Even a renowned speaker may end up with egg on their face when plugging their laptop into an ‘alien’ projector.

The display may suddenly appear upside down or rotated, or a screensaver you never knew existed will suddenly activate, displaying a slideshow of embarrassing personal photos or amusing memes.

Moreover, if your laptop has an active webcam, plugging it into presentation equipment may accidentally activate the camera, revealing your startled face to the audience.

The Never-Ending Meeting

A poorly planned team meeting can also turn into an eternal nightmare.

It can be either a Never-Ending Storyteller who has an uncanny ability to derail the discussion by going off on tangents or sharing lengthy, unrelated anecdotes, or the “Let’s Hear Everyone’s Opinion” syndrome when everyone feels the need to express their opinion on every single topic, regardless of its relevance or urgency.

Besides that, a minor disagreement on a particular point often spirals into an extended debate that consumes a significant portion of the designated time.

Next, as this horrible meeting draws to a close, there is always someone who continually interjects with additional points, questions, or suggestions. Each time you think they’re finished, they come up with something else to add, testing everyone’s patience.

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The Ghost of the Broken Printer

Printers can get possessed, too. Most of us have been in a situation where, after sending important documents to a remote printer, we got random pages covered in gibberish or some stupid pictures.

The weirdest thing about all these is that no one has ever found the owner of the mystical staff produced instead of your files, and dozens of pages filled with colorful rubbish may still be lying next to your office printer.

actiTIME Resolution

A humorous approach can provide good relief when coping with workplace mishaps.

  • Embrace the “Oops, I Did It Again” Attitude. Treat the horrors above like your own personal comedy show. When something goes wrong, channel your inner comedian and imagine yourself as a sitcom star. Laugh at your own mistakes and take them in stride, knowing that life is full of comedic moments.
  • Master the Art of the “Office Facepalm”. Develop a signature facepalm move that you can use whenever a problem occurs. It could be an exaggerated forehead slap, a dramatic double facepalm, or even a synchronized facepalm with a coworker.
  • Create a “Mishap Jar.” Set up a jar in your workspace specifically designated for workplace mishaps. Every time something funny or embarrassing occurs, put a dollar or small change into the jar. At the end of the month, buy yourself a treat for every trick that happened.
  • Establish the “Halloween Hero” Award. Create a tradition where coworkers nominate and vote for the most memorable workplace issue on the verge of Halloween. The winner receives a comical trophy or certificate, celebrating their ability to turn a mishap into a memorable moment.

Remember, humor can help you navigate workplace horrors and nightmares. By finding the funny side, you can maintain a positive attitude, create a light-hearted work environment, and make the most out of any situation.

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