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Time Management Quiz

How good are you at time management? Good time management has truly become the mantra for people obsessed with productivity. But as much of a buzzword as it is, there certainly is some truth behind it. So while it might seem like yet another useless thing forced upon us by our managers or bosses, it’s not exactly true. In our fast-paced world, where information and communication are always instantly available to us, there’s no excuse for wasting precious time on useless nonsense, so being time-efficient is a real necessity. In the modern workplace, strong time management skills are a matter of professional survival, let alone success. Take our time management quiz and find out how good you are at managing time!

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Do you often have to handle multiple tasks at a time?

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When looking through your to-do list, do you forget the beginning by the time you reach the end?

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Can you recall what you accomplished at work when the day is over?
(and no, we don’t mean that you’ve been celebrating your dog’s birthday the night before)

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Are you constantly putting out fires at work?
(Skip this question altogether if you are a firefighter)

Time management quiz, question 4
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Do you track your activities during the day?

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Do you skip your lunch if you have too much on your plate (not your meal)?

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Do you know how much time you actually spend on checking email and cleaning up your inbox?

Time management quiz, question 7
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Can you tell how much time a new project will take you to accomplish?

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And do your estimates turn out to be accurate?

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Can you resist watching an awesome cat video instead of completing that damned monthly report?

Time management quiz, question 10
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Do you often hear the 'whooshing' sound of deadlines passing by?

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Do you start with the most challenging tasks first (apart from fixing the office coffee machine)?