Time Balance & Overtime Report

Time Balance & Overtime report shows users’ and teams’ time balances and overtime values for the selected date range.

Managers will see information for users from their team, while regular users will see their personal data only.


Example of a Time Balance & Overtime Report

When Overtime feature is disabled in the Turn Features On / Off interface, you'll see the Time Balance Report instead of the Time Balance & Overtime Report. All saved reports with overtime data will be unavailable.

You can configure the report to display time balances, overtime values, or both.

Time balance is calculated as the difference between the number of hours required by the corporate or the individual work schedule, and time actually reported by the employee.

When pointing the cursor over the reported time value, work and leave time totals are shown.

Note that leave time data is only displayed in the report when Leave Time Tracking feature is enabled in the Turn Features On / Off interface.

Overtime data includes overtime values automatically calculated by the system and manually entered by the user.

Overtime is calculated by the system according to the formula:

Auto-calculated overtime = ∑(Hours worked for nonworking days) + ∑((Hours worked for working day) + (Leave Time) - (Workday duration))

Overtime reported by user is only shown for those users who are allowed to enter overtime manually.

The system applies the following rules when calculating overtime automatically:

  1. All working hours submitted for nonworking days are considered as overtime.
  2. When the sum (time-track + leave time) reported by a user for a working day exceeds workday duration set up for this user, the time exceeding workday duration is considered as overtime (but no more than hours worked for this day).
  3. If the sum (time-track + leave time) reported by a user for a working day is less than workday duration set up for this user, then overtime is considered to be 0:00.
  4. If leave time tracking is turned off in the system settings, all leave time is ignored (even if users had reported some leave time before its tracking was turned off).

Note that overtime can only have positive values. If a user reports less time than scheduled, negative values are shown in the Time Balance section.

You can create the report in HTML, export it into CSV, or print it out as a PDF document.

Time Balance & Overtime Report Parameters

Time Balance & Overtime report parameters include:

  • Date range

    You can select a predefined date range or specify a custom one.

  • Data grouping options

    Up to 2 data grouping levels are available in the report. You can choose between users, user groups, and time periods on each level.

  • Selected staff

    Managers can select all staff, any departments or time zone groups, or only specific employees. Use predefined filtering options (select all, deselect all, show selected users only ) and search necessary users by name ().

    This setting is not available for regular users without management permissions.

  • Report columns

    The report can be configured to display scheduled vs. reported time balance, overtime, or both. You can also configure it to show working and leave time in separate columns.

  • Time format

    For HTML reports, you can choose either decimal format (##.##) or hours/minutes format (HH:MM). For CSV reports, decimal format is always applied.

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