actiTIME Online offers a smooth and seamless integration with actiPLANS - an online solution for managing corporate work schedule and employee vacation requests. It provides a very convenient approval process and interactive chart showing who and when is taking a leave.


When the products are integrated, the following data is shared between them:

  • User accounts, departments and time zone groups
  • Leave types
  • Approved leave time requests
  • Some of the system settings

When you edit shared data in one product, editing results will be immediately available in the integrated product. Shared data is marked in the system interfaces with icon.

Note that even when the products are integrated, each of the products has its own license with its own number of users with enabled access and its own effective dates. It is possible to have an actiTIME license for 40 users and actiPLANS license for 20 users only (and vice versa).