The Reports Dashboard in actiTIME includes two core features:

  • Real-Time Widgets that show how your working hours and leave time data is changing on beautiful sparkline charts
  • Quick Shortcuts to Reports & Charts that let you save preferable data configuration for different reports and generate them with a single click

Besides, using this dashboard, you can create multiple time tracking reports for billing, cost management and performance analysis. The full range of your reporting options is available for review on the side panel that appears after clicking on the + New Report button.

All these reports have a flexible configuration. Depending on the type of report selected, they allow you to group data by projects, customers, dates, users or types of work.

The generated reports can be viewed in the HTML format directly in your browser or exported as CSV files for further data processing. You can also download invoices, charts, overtime / leave time reports and Estimated vs. Actual Time report in PDF.

Reports dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

Click on the View button to choose which features you want to see on your Reports Dashboard: All, Shortcuts or Widgets. For instance, after selecting the Shortcuts filter, the saved templates will take on the full-screen mode, while the widgets will be concealed. If you select All, both your shortcuts and widgets will be displayed.

To change the position of specific widgets and shortcuts on the page, you can also make use of the simple drag-and-drop editor.

Drag-and-drop editor in actiTIME

Drag-and-drop editor