actiTIME provides you with several timesheet reports which can be used for billing, management, and cost analysis purposes. Various configuration options are provided for each report type. Data included into a report may be grouped by projects, customers, dates, users and types of work. Availability of grouping options depends on the selected report.

Reports are available in HTML directly in the browser and can be exported in CSV for further data processing. This option is available on the configuration screen and in the report options. Besides, invoices and charts can be exported in PDF.

You can save configuration of the most frequently used timesheet reports on the dashboard and then create these reports in one click. Your saved report configurations are listed on the reporting dashboard that is available under the top-level menu 'Reports'. To generate a saved report, just click on the plate with the report name on the dashboard.


Reporting Dashboard

To edit an already saved reports, proceed as follows.

  1. Generate the report by clicking on it on the dashboard.
  2. Make necessary changes.
  3. Click on the “Save changes” button and choose whether the report needs to be saved in its updated configuration or as a new one.