Before you start tracking time, create a work scope your team will be working on. actiTIME allows you to set up projects and tasks and assign them to users depending on their responsibilities.

In actiTIME, the work structure has three levels:

  • Top level: Customer
  • Middle level: Project
  • Lowest level: Task

These are the default names. You can configure any other names for these levels in the General Settings interface.

The ability to manage and assign work scope requires the “Manage Scope of Work” permission. It can be given both to regular users and managers.

Within their assigned scope, regular users can:

  • Add new customers, projects or tasks
  • Modify or delete customers, projects or tasks

In addition to that, managers can:

  • Assign customers, projects or tasks from their scope to their team

To access all customers, projects and tasks available to you, use the Tasks tab. Review the list of customers and projects in the left panel, and see tasks in the right part of the screen:

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