If you have field workers or mobile employees, actiTIME mobile app is the right choice. With just a few swipes, you’ll be able to track time on the go, whether online or not. All you need to do is install the app and connect it to your corporate actiTIME account.

With the actiTIME Mobile timesheet app, you can:

  • Enter working and leave time
  • Use a stopwatch to keep an accurate record of spent time
  • Conveniently sync your data with the web account
  • Review your own weekly or monthly time expenses
  • Add new tasks or edit existing ones

Timesheet approval, reporting and invoicing features are available in the web version of actiTIME only.

How to Enter Time in actiTIME Mobile app

Any user with the “Enter Time-Track” permission and at least one assigned task will be able to submit their hours from the app. To start tracking time:

  • Open the current day or pick another day from the calendar.
  • Add tasks to your timesheet. You can copy tasks from the previous day or select them from the list of all tasks by tapping +Task.
  • Enter the spent time manually or start a timer (don’t forget to stop it once you are done with this task).
  • Add comments if necessary.
worktrack worktrack
worktrack worktrack
worktrack worktrack

Time submitted through the app won’t show up on actiTIME reports unless this data is synced with the actiTIME web server. To do this manually, open the main menu and tap “Sync Now”.

How to Enter Leave Time

actiTIME mobile app comes in especially handy when employees are away from the office, working remotely or traveling for business. To add a new leave record, tap +Leave and specify your leave type and duration.

leavetrack leavetrack
leavetrack leavetrack

How to Review the Time Summary

Your personal time summary will help you stay organized and keep a track of your everyday work. Review daily, weekly or monthly expenses in a chart view.

To open the weekly chart, tap “Week” on top of your daily timesheet. To switch on to the monthly chart, tap the month name on top of the screen. Here, you can check your current time balance, overtime, and leave time totals. The summary will also indicate your timesheet status (approved/locked).

submit timetrack submit timetrack

How to Manage Tasks in the actiTIME mobile app

This part of the functionality is available to users with the “Manage Scope of Work” permission. The mobile app allows you to create new and edit existing tasks. If you need to delete a task, please use the web version of actiTIME.

There are two ways how you can create a new task:

  • Tap Tasks in the main menu and tap the + sign.
  • Tap Start Timer in your daily timesheet. A time record will be created for a <New Task 1>. Tap the task name and select +New to create a task.

To edit task properties, go to the Tasks screen and select the task in question. You will be able to edit or specify a new deadline, estimate and type of work.

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