Functional Time Tracker for Every Management Need

Functional time tracker for every management need
actiTIME timesheet software suits businesses of any size: easy and user-friendly, but powerful enough to provide business owners and managers with all the data necessary for successful decision-making.
Effortless Time Tracking
actiTIME helps you master time management and keep track of time. Enter your time with comments in a weekly timesheet or launch a timer to record work hours on-the-go in a mobile app.
Smooth Scope Management
Run projects and manage work scope with no hassle. Organize project teams, meet planned deadlines and achieve your goals. Ensure a smooth workflow by visualizing scope and current status through a Kanban board.
Flexible Configuration
To meet the needs of any company, we made actiTIME adaptive to any business process. Set up your own work structure and turn off the functionality you don’t need for now, keeping the product as simple as possible.
Insightful Reports
Analysis of collected data is crucial for making the right decisions and growing your business– that’s why our timesheet software offers you a variety of highly flexible reports and colorful charts to visualize your progress.
Accurate Billing and Accounting
What’s more, actiTIME can also cover your accounting needs. Calculate amounts for billing and payroll, issue invoices to your customers, or export that data to QuickBooks.
Automated Leave Management
Save time and reduce errors while calculating paid time off. Create any number of different leave types used in your company, set up accrual rules and automate the calculation of leave balances of your team.
Direct Data Access
Gain more control over your data by taking advantage of our API. Pull data directly from your database, create new entries, and establish connections with other apps to embed actiTIME into your workflow.
Helpful Browser Extensions
Time tracking works best when it’s convenient, and with our free extensions you can capture your hours directly from your browser or popular applications like JIRA.
For a more in-depth look into the actiTIME timesheet & scope management functionality please see the Features in Detail section

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