Top 7 Alternatives to Hours Time Tracker


Keeping track of work time is vital for businesses of any size, as it provides companies with essential information on business processes, teams’ performance, and efficiency of work in general. Many companies are using Hours Time Tracker app or similar solutions to collect their time-track data, run regular reports, analyze results, and make informed decisions.

Today, many different solutions are available on the market that help businesses obtain accurate data on how work time is spent. In this article we’ll take a closer look at top alternatives to Hours Time Tracker that might become a better solution for keeping record of work time.

1. actiTIME

Key features:

  • Manual and automatic time tracking
  • Reports and charts
  • Billing and payroll

actiTIME helps managers and regular employees keep accurate records of time spent on work. The tool is designed to make time-tracking process simple and provide business owners, managers and regular employees with up-to-date data on work results and productivity improvement.

actiTIME uses time-tracking data to calculate payable and billable amounts and ensure their accuracy. The ability to automate calculation of overtime and absence time and costs is another advantage of this tool that frees up employees’ valuable time and eliminates the possibility of calculation errors.

2. atWork

Key features:

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Earnings calculator

This iOS app works great for those who want to manage their time more efficiently and bring their productivity to a new level. It allows to log time with an automatic timer and edit the entries manually if necessary, assigning time entries to specific clients or tasks, and use timesheet calculator to count your earnings.

The app also supports geolocation that helps automate timekeeping further: time tracking starts when you arrive at a specific location and stops when you leave it. As it’s hardly possible to properly process the obtained data on a mobile device, atWork features data export to CSV and PDF.

3. Hours Keeper

Key features:

  • Time tracking
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Payment tracking
  • Reports

Hours Keeper is a solution for freelancers and self-employed individuals that helps keep record of time spent on work tasks and resulting earnings. It allows to keep track of daily working hours, taking into account overtime and breaks. After time records are logged, it’s possible to calculate earned amounts and issue PDF invoices for customers.

The app allows to review results over specific periods of time (e.g. daily or monthly) and run reports on earnings. In it, you can also track billing and customers’ payments to avoid omitting unpaid amounts. Its calendar view helps map time and billing data to specific months.

4. ATracker

Key features:

  • Time tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Productivity reports

ATracker is a time management app that helps organize your day and keep track of your results. In it, you can schedule various activities for specific time of the day, log time actually spent on it, and review your productivity progress in the course of time. For reviewing past activities, task history with search is available.

This tool is a multipurpose solution that suits for anything from organizing work life to running hobby projects. It offers convenient features for saving time necessary for organizing your work and life. Friendly visual data representation in various charts helps understand your productivity level and see where’s room for improvement.

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5. Qlaqs

Key features:

  • Time tracking
  • Clock-in functionality

Qlaqs is a great alternative to Hours Time Tracker for teams that make use of teamwork and collaboration functionality. This is a clock-in and –out solution that also works for keeping time records with details on activities. With it, you can turn a tablet into a clock-in terminal to make employees’ time recording easier, use mobile apps to track time from anywhere, and use web center to manage the entire system.

This solution suits for those companies that handle sensitive data and have strict data security requirements. Qlaqs works across many devices, provides secure access to time data from each of them, and synchronizes the data via cloud account in real time.

6. TimeLive

Key features:

  • Time and progress tracking
  • Cost management
  • Reports

TimeLive is an integral solution for time and cost management for teams. It allows to keep time records, calculate expenses on the basis of collected time data, calculate project costs, and manage both work time and time off. This tool is a great help for team and project managers that deal with large amounts of time and expense data.

This tool allows managers to automate main procedures of their workflows. It automates such processes as approving timesheets, monitoring project costs, staying informed on employees’ current progress, etc. The solution also offers reporting functionality for reviewing and managing team’s work results.

7. TimeDuty

Key features:

  • Time tracking
  • Cost management
  • Reports

TimeDuty is an online timesheet solution for teams from small to medium size. It offers time reporting in a weekly or daily timesheet, task categorization by projects, and expense management functionality. Employees can log their time and review daily and weekly results, and administrators or managers can approve time entries and easily get a project or activity overview.

The solution has expense management functionality that includes expense tracking, running reports on work costs, and mileage recording. TimeDuty provides clarity and transparency of specific projects’ costs and allows managers to realistically plan work and forecast revenue for future.

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