Eyes on the Prize: 10 Best Tools to Help You Stay Focused


With the constant barrage of news, social media, incoming emails, and frequent phone calls, is there any surprise that you struggle to stay focused? Our hectic workdays are demanding and full of distractions. As a result, productivity isn’t always as high as we’d like.

But how to stay focused in such a busy world? Luckily, there’s a range of tools that workers can use to remain concentrated and increase productivity. If you’re ready to get more done each week, keep reading to find the top ten tools for staying focused at work.

Tools to help you stay focused

1. Time Tracking: actiTIME

When you’re continually multitasking or jumping between projects, tracking your time can be a big issue. It’s hard to stay focused on each task when you’re balancing lots of responsibilities, so make life easier with actiTIME software.

This tools lets you easily record the time spent on each project, which is then used to create timesheets or invoices. With the automatic reminder feature, you and the team will never forget to enter your hours worked. In addition to efficient time tracking, actiTIME is an excellent choice for businesses looking for additional features, such as leave management, an overtime calculation tool, and project management.

2. Writing: Focus Writer

Sometimes, we need to find ways to stay focused when writing. If you’re drafting a document, writing an important email, or editing something tedious, staying focused can be a big challenge.

If that sounds familiar, check out FocusWriter. With this free software, you can hide your desktop or laptop, doing away with everything on the screen except your document. Users can customize their themes, creating their background of choice. The software also includes a timer, goal-setting features, and even the spell-check.

3. Stay Focused by Avoiding Your Phone: Forest

Let’s face it – we are all guilty of spending way too much time on our phones when we should be concentrating on something more important.

When the allure of your smartphone is cutting into your productivity, it’s time for Forest. Switch it on, and a tree starts to grow on your screen – but, if you exit the app to play games or browse the internet, the tree dies and will only start growing again once you stop touching your phone.

It’s a fun way to break the habit of regularly checking your phone. Plus, it provides detailed stats about how you spend your time, helpful for creating more productive habits over time.

4. Never Forget an Important Meeting Again: Remember the Milk

During a busy workday, it’s easy to forget where you need to be, whom you need to call, or what time to pick up the kids.

If you find it easy to lose focus within a hectic 9 to 5 schedule, try out Remember the Milk. Jot down important notes, like soccer practice time or a reminder to call back HR, and the app will remind you later on. It’s an easy and effective way of making sure you don’t miss anything important again.

5. Social Media: StayFocusd

One of the keys to staying focused is to avoid social media. With apps like Facebook and Twitter, there’s also something new in the feed to check out, drawing our attention away from work tasks.

When you need a break from socials, turn on StayFocusd. It’s an extension for Google Chrome that restricts the amount of time you can spend on sites that waste your time. Configure StayFocusd with your time limit and preferred URLs. After you’ve reached the selected time limit, the websites you picked get blocked for the rest of the day.

6. Best for Taking Regular Breaks: Awareness

Our mind needs regular breaks to stay sharp and focused – otherwise, we can become sluggish and distracted. If you find it hard to remember to get up and stretch, take a lunch break, or get some fresh air, you may find Awareness useful.

Awareness is simple, non-invasive, and effective. After installation, it plays the soothing sound of a Tibetan singing bowl every hour. This is your reminder to stand up or give your eyes a break from the screen.

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7. How to Stay Focused When Managing Challenging Tasks: PomoDoneApp

When we have to do something challenging or intense, many of us procrastinate as long as possible to avoid it. However, delaying the inevitable doesn’t do us any favors.

Instead, use PomoDoneApp to force yourself to focus on an onerous task for a set period. It keeps track of time spent on each task, giving you a five-minute break for every 25 minutes of work – and even the hardest jobs are manageable when broken down into small chunks of time. Besides, the tool integrates with popular apps like Trello and Asana, making it easy to use the app with your current lists of tasks.

8. Improve Time Management: RescueTime

Do you ever wonder where the minutes of your day go? With RescueTime, you can create a detailed breakdown of how you spend your time— a real eye-opener when you realize how much time is lost to distractions and web browsing.

Use RescueTime to set regular productivity goals and build better habits. You can also use the FocusTime feature to block certain websites for a set amount of time.

9. Stop Checking Your iPhone Constantly: Zero Willpower

If you’re an iPhone user and you spend too much time checking your phone, you can improve focus and productivity with Zero Willpower.

It works through Safari’s browser to block websites of your choice, which will come into effect when you switch on Zero Willpower. If you’re often reading the news or wasting time on your browser, this is a helpful tool for keeping focus.

10. Block Out Distractions: Brain.fm

In busy offices, the sounds of conversations, phones ringing, and nearby meetings can make it easy to lose your train of thought. If you’ve had enough of the sounds of an office, try Brain.fm. It uses music, selected by science and research, to help your mind focus on the task at hand.

Whether you need music to calm you down at the end of the day or to hype you up to get more done, this app can help. Using music to increase productivity works well for many, so why not try it out?

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Trying to stay focused in a fast-paced workplace can be challenging for anyone, especially when you add in personal stresses as well. To give you and your business the best possible productivity, try out some of the tools above to increase focus.

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