10 Best Pomodoro Timers that Boost Your Focus


The Pomodoro technique is an efficient way to stay organized and productive. It was developed considering natural body cycles and helps integrate work processes harmonically into your daily routine by dividing them into 25-minute work sprints followed by well-balanced rest intervals.

Originally implemented with the help of a simple kitchen timer, Pomodoro technique has become even easier to apply in the digital era. Today, there are many Pomodoro timer apps that help organize work well and make it more productive. Let’s look at the most helpful solutions that work great for work, studies and workouts.

1. Pomotodo

Pomotodo app combines a to-do list with the Pomodoro functionality and offers a simple way to organize your daily work routine. Its to-do lists are designed to be simple, but also offer such convenient features as hashtags, priority and more. You can log start and stop time of the Pomodoro intervals for each task and see how much time it takes to complete them. The Pro version offers more functions, such as reminders, recurring to-dos, weekly reports, etc.

2. TomatoTimer

TomatoTimer helps keep record of work done during the day, tracked in Pomodoro intervals. Create tasks, start working on them and track time with a timer. This service allows you to customize intervals, pause or reset them, and receive audio notifications at the end of an interval, which is especially convenient when you’re running it in the background. You can also use keyboard shortcuts that make working with this tool even easier.

3. Focus Keeper

A timer app for iOS that helps users get focused on work, studies or any other important activities. It allows you to organize work processes in Pomodoro cycles and track your productivity progress. The app provides insights into your results with its informative charts and supports goal tracking: set up your daily goal (number of Pomodoro sessions) and see if you’ve reached it by the end of the day. Focus Keeper app has a simple and friendly interface and lets you adjust the timer with your fingers, just like a real kitchen timer.

4. Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato combines the functionality of a clock, a timer and an activity log, which helps you get focused on your tasks, beat procrastination habits and stay updated on results. Detailed activity logs provide valuable data on productivity progress. The app is fully customizable, so you can set up colors, sounds, behavior, etc., as well as create profiles and switch between them. In Clockwork Tomato, it is also possible to sync and edit task lists through Dropbox, which is convenient when working from several devices.

5. Flat Tomato

Flat Tomato is available as an iOS app and a macOS solution for time management and productivity improvement. It allows users to keep track of time logged in standard Pomodoro intervals, supports the ability to set up custom cycles and review statistics in colorful charts available in the macOS application. This solution works great for maintaining concentration on work and studies, staying away from distractions and defeating procrastination.

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6. Timerdoro

Timerdoro is a simple Pomodoro timer for staying focused on studies, getting rid of distractions at work and organizing efficient workouts. Set up your cycles, add tasks and work on them until the timer runs out. You can test out the app by signing up for a free account that offers multiple timers, the ability to use the app on several devices and many guidelines on productivity and efficiency.

7. Focus 10

Focus 10 is a Pomodoro timer app for Windows 10. It works on desktops, laptops and mobile devices and allows you to keep track of work time and improve productivity using the Pomodoro method. Its charts show daily results and progress. The app has a clear and intuitive interface and offers various personalization options. It is localized to several languages, which simplifies its usage for those who are not proficient in English.

8. Focus Me

Focus Me is a tool with comprehensive functionality designed to defeat distractions and maintain high productivity levels throughout the day. It includes a scheduler that you can use to plan your focusing sessions in advance – and a Pomodoro timer to help you stick to your plan. For staying energized, a break reminder is included in the app: it reminds you that it’s time to go for a walk, grab a coffee, stretch or do any other relaxing activity. The app can also block distracting websites and applications so that nothing gets in your way when you’re working.

9. PomoDuctivity

This focus boosting app works not only as a Pomodoro timer, but also as a time tracker and a task manager. This way, it helps manage focus and handle distractions, improve motivation and get a full picture of the work scope to be done. PomoDuctivity integrates with Google Tasks and Microsoft To Do,  whereas Trello integration is planned for the future. With PomoDuctivity, it’s easy to get the work done and develop productive habits.

10. Focus Booster

This app helps improve your focusing habits and manage work time records. Pomodoro sessions are automatically recorded as work time for specific tasks, which eliminates the headache of recalling where your time went. The progress is shown on visual dashboards that provide quick insights into your productivity dynamics. Focus Booster app allows you to export time data into a .csv file, generate invoices and share them with your clients.

Bonus Tool: actiTIME

actiTIME is a piece of timesheet software that can be as effective in helping you to stay productive as Pomodoro apps reviewed above. Besides the time tracking feature, it contains powerful functionality for task management, progress monitoring and performance outcomes analysis.

By tracking work hours daily and running various reports in actiTIME, you can understand how well you manage your time and, consequently, correct your behaviors if necessary. In other words, with a little bit of analytical work on your part, this tool can foster a long-term, sustainable productivity boost, which will help you attain the desired goals faster and with less effort.

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