Leave Time Requests

When actiPLANS is integrated with actiTIME and user has access to both products:

  1. Leave requests approved in actiPLANS appear in actiTIME as leave time recorded for the corresponding leave type.
  2. User cannot enter and edit leave time recorded for future dates in actiTIME. This means that the user can edit leave time related to approved leave requests only for the present and past dates - not earlier than when the leave request starts.

When user account is enabled in actiTIME and disabled in actiPLANS, this user will be able to enter and edit leave time for future dates using actiTIME interfaces. However, this time will not be visible in actiPLANS as actiPLANS interfaces for leave request management show users with enabled access only.

When user account becomes enabled in actiPLANS, all their leave time recorded in actiTIME for future dates is automatically converted to approved leave time requests in actiPLANS.

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