User Accounts

Once actiTIME is integrated with actiPLANS both products will have the same set of user accounts - when you create a user account in actiTIME it will automatically appear in actiPLANS and vice versa.


The following user settings are shared between the products:

  • Username and password
  • Name (first name, last name, and middle initial)
  • Department
  • Time zone
  • Hire and release dates
  • Work schedule
  • PTO & Sick Days settings

Note that the following user settings are not shared between the products although they are present in both of them:

  • User Account Status

    Status of user account defines whether the user can log in to the corresponding product. The same user account can be enabled in actiTIME and disabled in actiPLANS. For your convenience users who have access to actiPLANS are marked with icon in the actiTIME user list.


    When you create a user account and define that the user should access actiTIME only, this user account will appear in actiPLANS with 'disabled' account status.

    Note that product licenses count users with enabled access only, disabled user accounts will not affect them.

  • User Permissions

    The same user can be configured as a system administrator in one product and as a regular user in the integrated product.

    This approach provides you with additional flexibility in configuring product permissions. However, note that editing shared data will inevitably affect the integrated product, even if the editing user has no administration permissions in it.

When you delete a joint user account in one of the products, it will be deleted in both products. If you need to remove user from one product and keep it in the integrated one, just disable user access to the corresponding product instead of deleting user account.

Note that the system will not allow you to delete a joint user account when there is time-track reported by this user in actiTIME. Just disable user access to both products instead of deleting the user account.

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