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System Requirements

actiTIME Mobile Timesheet application requires iOS 9.0+ and Android 2.3.3+.

The application is compatible with both downloadable and hosted actiTIME versions starting from v3.1. However, please note that the ability to change user’s data and to view locked time-track, approved time-track and overtime are only available in the mobile app for iOS on actiTIME versions starting from 2017.1.

How to access your existing actiTIME installation from the mobile timesheet app

To access the existing actiTIME installation on your phone follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Install "actiTIME Mobile Timesheet" application from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Start the app and choose the "Log In" option:

    Mobile timesheet login

  3. Enter parameters of your actiTIME account on the screen that will appear:

    • 'Your actiTIME Server Address' — the URL you use to access actiTIME in your web browser
    • Your actiTIME username and password

    Login to mobile timesheet

    It is recommended to use encrypted HTTPS connection to your actiTIME server.

  4. Tap the "Log In" button.

    Logging in mobile timesheet

    actiTIME Mobile app will log in to your actiTIME server and get your time-track data:

    • Your time-track reported for the current and previous weeks
    • List of open tasks you recently reported time for
    • List of other open tasks available for you

If the application cannot connect to your actiTIME server, make sure that the server machine where actiTIME is installed is accessible from outside:

  1. The computer where actiTIME is installed should be turned on
  2. It should have static IP
  3. The firewall settings on this computer should allow remote access
  4. If you access actiTIME from outside of your corporate network, make sure that your corporate firewall allows access to the server from outside.

How to evaluate the mobile timesheet app with a free 30-day actiTIME trial

To evaluate the application with free 30-day actiTIME trial follow the next steps:

  1. Install "actiTIME Mobile Timesheet" application from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Start the app and choose the "Register a New Account" option:

    Mobile timesheet sign up

  3. Fill in the registration form that will appear.

    Sign up for mobile timesheet

  4. Tap the "Register & Start" button.

    A new 30-day actiTIME Online trial with demo data will be created on the actiTIME Online server.

    You will be able to access your actiTIME account in a web browser at the URL you've chosen in the registration form (<YourAddress>/).

    Login and password for your trial account will be sent to your email address.