Download and install actiTIME Timer extension. Click on its icon and specify your actiTIME URL to connect it to your actiTIME account:

aT timer login

Log in to actiTIME if you’re currently logged out. Now the timer is connected to your actiTIME account and you can start tracking time with it.

You can set up custom configuration options for your timer extension. To do that, click on the cog icon in the extension box:

aT timer

The following settings are available:

  • actiTIME installation and user account for which time is recorded. Here you can change your actiTIME account or log out;
  • Automatic stop setting for the timer. Here you can enter the number of hours after which the timer will be automatically stopped;
  • Domains on which work time can be tracked. You can specify addresses of your tools here, for example,;
  • Extension activity log that you can copy to the clipboard and save in a file.
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