How to Lock Time

Timesheets can be locked from any modifications after they are approved, invoiced, or when a particular financial period is over. Only managers with the “Lock Time-Track For Any User” permission can perform this action.

To lock a timesheet, open Time-Track > Lock Time-Track interface. You have several options:

  • Lock selected records – click on a cell or select several cells for particular users, and click “Lock Selected”.
  • Lock several days for all users – select the dates you’d like to lock and click “Lock Selected”.
  • Lock all days until a specific date – move your cursor above the date row until you reach the necessary date and click “Lock all dates till…”.

Before locking timesheets, you can also review detailed information on working and leave time. Click on the user name to expand the timesheet details:


If you don’t want managers to see detailed entries in the Lock Time-Track interface, you can turn on a special setting. Go to Settings > General Settings > Data Access Restrictions and enable the option “Hide time-track details in the “Lock Time-Track” interface”.

Locked entries cannot be deleted or modified. If any corrections are needed, managers can unlock them the same way:


What if I can only see totals in the Lock Time-Track section?

Data visibility is regulated by a special setting in the General Settings menu. If you think you need access to those details, please contact your actiTIME administrator to change this setting.

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