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Locking and unlocking of time-track data is available in actiTIME Pro and actiTIME Online editions only.

You can protect reported time expenses from modification by locking timesheet of a selected user for the selected time periods. Time-track reported for a locked time period becomes not modifiable for all system users.

This function is useful when you need to create various reporting documents for your management and clients:

  • Billing reports and invoices issued for your customers;
  • Project status reports prepared for your management;
  • Tax and audit reports for tax authorities;
  • etc.

See Reporting section for more information on how to create time and cost & billing reports in actiTIME.

In case you need to modify locked time-track data, you can unlock any locked day, modify the time-track, and then lock the modified time-track again.

To be able to lock time-track data, the 'Lock Time-Track' permission is required. For more details, see Edit User Permissions section.

To access the interface for locking and unlocking time periods use 'Lock Time-Track' option of the top-level menu 'Time-Track'.

Locking Timesheet Data

To lock time-track data follow the instruction below:

  1. Select 'Lock Time-Track' option in the top-level menu 'Time-Track' to open Lock Time-Track interface.

    Lock Time-Track interface (users are sorted alphabetically)

    Initially users shown in the Lock Time-Track interface are sorted alphabetically by user name. To sort users by departments or time zone groups, click on the corresponding link in the header of the first table column.

    Sorting users by names, by departments (user groups) and by time zone groups

    By default, the interface shows you information for all system users for the current and previous weeks:

    • Numbers shown in the table represent the total time reported by users as of the specific day, including working time and leave time:

      Total Time = Working Time + Leave Time

    • Background color of the cells represents the locking and approving statuses of day:

      locked date Gray cells represent locked time-track
      unlocked date Dark green cells represent approved and locked time-track.
      unlocked date Light green represent approved time-track

    Note that users with disabled access are shown at the end of the list

    To access Lock Time-Track interface, you must have the 'Lock Time-Track' permission.

  2. Select date range and users to view (optionally)

    • You can choose one of the preconfigured date ranges or specify a custom date range:

      Date range selector
    • By default, the interface shows information for all system users. However, you can choose to view only selected ones, for example, members of your workgroup.

      User selector

      To view only selected users in the user selector click on icon.

      To search users by name click on icon and start typing user name.

      Searching users by name in the user selector

    actiTIME automatically saves parameters of the user filter and will pre-set them the next time you open Lock Time-track interface.

  3. Review time-track to lock.

    Click on the user name to view detailed information on working and leave time reported by this user for the selected date range:

    Detailed time-track information

    Task data from the projects that are not assigned to you are shown on the gray background and are not clickable. These tasks and their time-track details can be shown or hidden, depending on the data access setting.

    Leave time is shown in the interface only when 'Leave Time Tracking' feature is turned ON in the system settings.

    Overtime is shown in the interface only when 'Overtime Registration' feature is turned ON in the system settings.

  4. Lock the selected time-track records

    There are several ways for locking timesheet in the Lock Time-Track interface:

    1. Click on a cell with unlocked data - this will lock the selected day for the selected user.

      Locking one selected day for one selected user
    2. Click-n-drag to select more than one cell to lock, then choose 'Lock Selected' option from the showed up menu.

      Locking timesheet of selected users for selected days
    3. You can lock a date or date range for all selected users

      This operation locks records of all selected users, including the ones that are not shown on the current page (when list of users is shown on more than one page).

      Locking selected dates
    4. You can lock time-track of all selected users till the selected date

      This operation is useful when you need to be sure that all data in the past is locked.

      Locking all dates till the selected one

Time-track reported for the locked time period becomes not modifiable for all system users. See section Unlock Time-Track for information how to unlock the locked time periods.

Unlocking Timesheet Data

The Lock Time-Track interface allows you to unlock any selected date for any selected user after locking timesheet, if the data needs to be corrected.

The process of unlocking time-track data is similar to the process of locking it:

  • To unlock one day for one user, just click on the specific cell in the table.
  • To unlock more than one day for one user, select the data you want to unlock and then choose the 'Unlock' option in the showed up menu.