Manage Projects & Customers

In actiTIME, the top and middle levels of the work structure are called Customers and Projects, respectively. You can also set up custom names in the Settings > General Settings interface.

Customers and projects are a good way to group tasks together, see aggregated data on reports, and track projects’ progress and profitability.

The Tasks tab is the main interface where you can see and manage customers and projects available to you. They are displayed in the left panel of the screen.

Your available work scope can be broken down into two types:

  1. Scope you can review. If you have the “Enter Time-Track” permission, you’ll be able to track time for tasks and review properties of any customer or project from your work assignments.
  2. Scope you can manage. If you have the “Manage Scope of Work” permission, you’ll have the same capabilities, plus the right to edit properties of existing customers and projects and create new ones within your permission scope.

From the left panel, you can:

  • Search customers and projects by name
  • Filter customers and projects by active/archived status
  • Select customers and projects you need to be displayed
  • Expand or collapse all items in the list
  • Create new items
  • Open and modify settings of specific customers and projects

Creating New Customers and Projects

In the Tasks tab, press the “+ Add New” button to create a new customer or project. You can speed up the setup of the work structure using various options.


When creating new customers, you can:

  • Copy projects and tasks with their descriptions from any active customer you have access to.
  • Add users from your team who will enter time for this customer’s tasks.
  • Add managers who will be able to modify this customer (available only if you have the “Manage Accounts & Permissions” right).

When creating new projects, you can:

  • Copy tasks with descriptions, estimates and types of work from any active or archived project you have access to.
  • Create new tasks right away.
  • Add users from your team who will enter time for this project’s tasks.
  • Add managers who will be able to modify this project (available only if you have the “Manage Accounts & Permissions” right).

You can also create customers and projects in bulk using the option to Import Tasks from CSV.

Managing Existing Customers and Projects

To review and edit an existing customer or project, find it in the left panel of the Tasks tab and click on the cog icon next to it.


A settings panel will open where you can review and edit the following information:

  • Customer or project name;
  • Status (active or archived);

    When a customer is flagged as archived, all its projects get archived too. All open tasks of archived customers and projects are automatically completed.

    The data of the archived customers and projects remain in the system, but time can no longer be tracked for their tasks.

    You can reopen an archived project or customer at any time.

  • Description;
  • Assigned users who can enter time for this customer’s or project’s tasks;
  • Managers who have one of the management permissions for this customer or project (available for editing only if you have the “Manage Accounts & Permissions” right).
    task-management-panel-1 task-management-panel-2

    In addition to this information, you will also see:

    • Time totals for a project or a customer. Time-track details for specific tasks are available in the task list on the right side of the interface.
    • History of changes with the date, action, and name of the user who applied a change.
    • Comments left by other users (you can also post your own here).

Time totals for a project or a customer are also shown. You can see more time-track details by specific tasks in the task list on the right side of the interface.

“Actions” menu contains the following options:

  • Delete customer or project;
  • Move project to another customer.

Be careful when deleting customers and projects. This action cannot be undone.

When you delete a project with tasks and reported time-track, all this information is deleted permanently. After deletion it will no longer be available in the system reports.

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