How to Manage Tasks

Time is always tracked against the lowest level, which is referred to as "Task" in the default time-tracking hierarchy. To rename this, and other levels of the time-tracking hierarchy, go to Settings > General Settings > Naming.

To see and manage tasks available to you, go to Tasks tab in the header. From there, you can manage two types of tasks:

  • Tasks you can review. If you have the “Enter Time-Track” permission, you can track time and review tasks from your work assignments.
  • Tasks you can manage. If you have the “Manage Scope of Work” permission, you can track time, create, review and edit tasks within your scope.

In the Tasks tab, you can switch between the list view and Kanban board in the View mode menu below the search box.

In the List view, you can:

  • View all tasks or choose tasks from customers and projects in the left panel
  • Search tasks by name
  • Filter tasks by their workflow status
  • Manage tasks in bulk (use checkboxes)
  • Create new tasks
  • Modify tasks directly from the list
  • Change the sorting order
  • Change task statuses
  • Export tasks in CSV
Actions that you can do with tasks in the List view.

On the Kanban board, you can do the same actions as in the List view except for Task export.

Create New Tasks

In actiTIME, you can create new tasks in two ways: either create them manually or import from a CSV file.

Create Tasks Manually

From the header menu, go to Tasks interface. In the left column, click “+ Add New” and select “+ New Tasks” in the drop-down menu. In the pop-up window, you can create or select from the list of customers and projects, create one or more tasks, assign them estimates, deadlines, and types of work.

To add some of the tasks from the list to your timesheet, select them and hit “+ Create Tasks”.

Import Tasks from a CSV File

If you need to create dozens of tasks but you don’t want to set each of them up manually, this feature will save you some time.

To import tasks from a CSV file, go to the Tasks interface > “+ Add New” > “Import Tasks from CSV”. Prepare and upload a CSV file according to the following template that you can download in the interface.

When your table is ready, save it in the CSV format and apply UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding to it. Drag and drop the file in the upload area to import the data.

Please note that duplicated tasks that already exist in actiTIME won’t be imported.

Manage Existing Tasks

Basic task parameters (such as estimates or deadlines) can be edited directly from the tasks list. To access additional details, click on the task name to open the settings panel.

In the Task Settings, you can review and edit the following information:

In the Task Settings, you can review and edit the information about this task.

On this page, you can also review the following:

  • Reported time. Regular users have access to their own hours and comments, and total hours for other users. Managers can see details for team members assigned to them. To adjust these settings, go to General Settings > Data Access Restrictions > Allow selected users to see all users' data in reports, charts and task details tab.
  • Change history. Review change log and see the date, action, and name of the user who applied the change.
  • All task comments.

Finally, you can perform certain actions on tasks one by one or in bulk:

1. Manage tasks one by one. In the task properties panel, click “Actions” to choose form the following options:

  • Copy task to another project
  • Move task to another project
  • Delete task

Note that when you delete tasks, this action cannot be undone. All time logs, estimates, comments will be lost.

2. Manage tasks in bulk. In the Task interface, whether you use the List view or Kanban board, use checkboxes to choose the task to perform the following actions:

  • Copy tasks to another project
  • Move tasks to another project
  • Assign tasks to users
  • Change tasks’ status
  • Delete tasks

Export Tasks

Any user with Tasks interface access can export tasks into a CSV file. To do that, go to Tasks interface > choose List view if you use Kanban board. Set up task filters, adjust display settings and click “Export list to CSV” under the search box.

Export tasks into a CSV file.

It’ll take a few moments, until actiTIME exports chosen tasks according to the display settings into a CSV document.

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