How to Manage Work Assignments

When you assign work to your team members, they can:

  • View all assigned customers, projects, and tasks in the Tasks tab
  • Add tasks to their timesheets using task selector or search box
  • Track time to tasks assigned to them
  • Leave comments in customers, projects, and tasks assigned to them

Managers can give work assignments to other users if they have the “Manage Scope of Work” permission and a team assigned to them. To assign work to your team member, take the following steps:

1. Go to Users > Work Assignments tab.

2. Click the row corresponding to the user in question.

3. In the pop-up panel, choose one of the options:

  • Click the Edit Assignments button to assign or unassign items
  • Copy assignments from another user
  • Revoke all existing assignments using Revoke all option
managing-work-assignments-1 managing-work-assignments-2

Tasks can be assigned separately, or within customers and projects. Here’s how it works:

  • When you assign a customer, all its existing and future projects are included in the user’s work assignments.
  • When you assign a project, all its existing and future tasks are included in the user’s work assignments.

Note that managers can assign customers, projects and tasks only from their permission scope and only to their team members.

Sometimes, you can see “Can manage” note next to an assigned item. This means that it belongs to user’s permission scope and cannot be edited here. Editing permission scope requires “Manage Accounts & Permissions” right and can be done in the Users > Account Settings tab.


If you don’t need the “Work Assignments” feature, simply turn it off in the Settings > Turn Features On/Off interface. All customers, projects, and tasks will become available to all users in the system.

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