Import History

The Import History section contains a detailed record of all imports performed between the current actiTIME account and the connected QuickBooks company. You can review the imports performed both by you and other users.

An import can have one of the following statuses:

  • Completed
  • Interrupted
  • Error

If you have a new import that is currently running or being configured it will also be displayed on this page.

Import history

Your most recent imports are shown at the top, and you can sort them either by their status or by users who performed them.

For every import, you can review the list of imported time records and created items, and check the status of each individual item.

If there were any issues while importing a specific item, clicking on the status icon will show you the details:

Status account will show you the details

Clicking on the date range will allow you to see a more detailed breakdown of the selected import, as well as review the mapping settings that were used during the import.

more detailed breakdown of the selected import

Any import that you’re currently working on is only visible to you and cannot be edited or discarded by any other user. However, other users can configure their own imports at the same time.

If there is an import currently in progress, it will be visible to all users but cannot be interrupted by anyone other than the user who initiated it. Other users cannot start their own imports while another import is still in progress.

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