Mapping Settings

To access the actiTIME QuickBooks Integrator settings, click the Settings icon on the navigation bar.

Mapping Settings

There are four mapping categories (or import rules):

  • Users
  • Projects
  • Types of Work
  • Leave Types

Click on a category to see the list of the current import rules.

Project Mapping

Import rules are created during the import process, and cannot be changed for the actiTIME entities that have not been imported before.

To edit an existing rule click on the icon, make the necessary changes and then click on the icon to save it.

Any changes you make to the import rules will be applied to your future imports.

Be careful when attempting to import the same data with updated import rules as this could cause some unexpected changes to already imported data.

Mapping history can be viewed by clicking on the icon.

Mapping history

Note that when configuring a new import, actiTIME entities that have already been mapped to QuickBooks entities previously, will not be displayed during the Import Rules step of the import. The list will only contain new entities and entities previously marked as Do not import. The Create new import rule will also becomes available when setting up a new import.

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