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actiTIME provides you with several timesheet reports which can be used for billing, management, and cost analysis purposes:

  • Time Reports:

    • Staff Performance Report
    • Overtime Report
    • Leave Time & Balances Report
    • Time-Track In Detail Report
    • Estimated vs. Actual Time Report
  • Cost & Billing Reports:

    • Billing Summary Report
    • Invoice Export
    • Cost of Work Report
    • Profit/Loss Report

Various configuration options are available for each report type. Data included into a report may be grouped by projects, customers, dates, users and types of work. Availability of grouping options depends on the selected report.

A preview is available for each report, which is meant to visualize and simplify the configuring process. You can change the report configuration and see the changes on the preview.

You can save configuration of the most frequently used timesheet reports on the dashboard and then create these reports in one click. Your saved report configurations are listed on the reporting dashboard that is available under the top-level menu 'Reports'.

Reporting Dashboard

All saved report configurations are personal and not available for other users. However, you can copy any of your saved reports to other users. See section Share Report Configuration for more information.

The following permissions are defined for accessing timesheet reports:

  • Generate Time Reports

    This permission regulates user access to the Staff Performance, Estimated vs. Actual Time, Time-Track In Detail, Overtime, and Leave Time reports.

  • Please note Cost & Billing Reports are available within actiTIME Pro and actiTIME Online editions only

    Generate Cost & Billing Reports

    This permission regulates user access to the Billing Summary, Cost of Work, and Profit/Loss reports as well as to Invoice Export.

System users may have any combination of these permissions.

Note: When both 'User Rates & Cost of Work Report' and 'Hourly Billing Rates, Invoices & Profit/ Loss Report' features are turned OFF, permission is named 'Generate Reports'.

Create New Report

To create a new report follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the 'Reports' interface, click on the 'Create Report' button, and choose the report to create in the Create Report dialog. actiTIME will show you an interface for configuring report parameters.

    Create Report Dialog

    Tip: You can skip the report selection in the Create Report dialog if you click on the arrow in the 'Create Report' button and select a report to create in the drop-down report list that will open.

    Drop-Down Report List
  2. Choose the format of the report you want to create - either HTML for viewing the timesheet report in your web browser, or CSV for exporting report data. Please note that Estimated vs. Actual Time report can also be exported into PDF.

    Format Selector
  3. Filter the data for your report:

    Example: Interface for configuring parameters of Staff Performance Report
    1. Select the Date Range: it can be one of preset date ranges or your custom range.

    2. Set Data Grouping levels and parameters: group your data by users, customers, projects, days etc.

    3. If appropriate, apply filters for your staff, customers and projects. You can include in your report either all existing data or only data for selected users, projects and customers.

    Tip: For your convenience, you can use the buttons located at the top of the filter interface. They have following functions:

    - select all

    - deselect all

    - expand all

    - collapse all

    - keep selected only

    - search by name

You can also set an appropriate Time format for an HTML report: Hours and Minutes format or Decimal format.

See the following sections for the description of specific report parameters:

Report Preview

When you are ready, click the button “Generate HTML Report” or “Export report to CSV” in the bottom of the configuration interface, depending on the configurations that you’ve set. The system will generate and show you the report according to the specified parameters.

  • If you selected HTML report format, the report will be shown in your web browser.

  • If you selected CSV report format, actiTIME will generate and return you a file with report data in CSV format. Save the generated file. For examining exported data open the saved file in Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

    Notes on timesheet reports in CSV format:

    • Report records will be delimited by the field separator configured in the general system settings You may need to change the default field separator if your spreadsheet software does not automatically split the report data in columns (for more information see section General System Settings).

    • Numbers shown in the report will be formatted using the decimal symbol configured in the general system settings.

    • In contrast to HTML reports, CSV reports always convert time to the decimal format. This means that if HTML report shows spent time as "1:15", CSV report will contain value "1.25".

If you selected to save the report configuration, actiTIME will create a new report configuration under the specified name and show it in the list of your Saved Reports.

Generate Saved Report

To generate a saved report just click on the plate with the report name on the dashboard.

List of Saved Reports

actiTIME will create the report on the base of the saved report configuration.

Please note that actiTIME will process the date range configured in the report parameters as described below:

  • Report for a pre-defined date range (like 'current month') will be generated as for the current period of time (in November 'current month' will mean November, in December 'current month' will mean December).

  • Report for a custom date range will be generated as for the exact dates stored in the report configuration.

Edit Parameters of Saved Report

To edit parameters of a saved report follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose a report that you would like to configure.

  2. Edit the configuration of the selected report.

  3. When you are ready, click on the button ‘Save changes’. You will have the option either to update current report configuration OR save changes as a new configuration.

Share Saved Report Configuration

To share a report configuration follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the 'Share' link on the plate of your report. actiTIME will show you an interface for sharing the saved report configuration.

    Panel for sharing configuration of timesheet reports

    Note: You can share time reports with the users who have 'Generate Time Reports' permission and cost and billing reports with the users who have 'Generate Cost & Billing Reports' permission.

  2. Select users you want to copy the report configuration to and click on the 'Copy Report Configuration to the Selected Users' button.

    actiTIME will create a copy of the selected report for each of the selected users. The report copies will be created with the same name as your original report has. If any of the selected users already have a report with the same name, actiTIME will automatically add a number in the parenthesis to the name of the report copy.

Now that you have learned how to configure common settings, you can delve into more details: