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Select the 'View My Time-Track' option in the 'Time-Track' menu to view your time-track data stored in actiTIME.

When you have 'Modify & Approve Time-Track of Other Users' permission, the interface is named View Time-Track, and you can view the time-track
of other users.

Without this permission, the interface is named ‘View My Time-Track’ and you are able to see only your own time-track in it.

Own View Time-Track interface

With Modify & Approve Time-Track of Other Users permission, you will be also able to view time-track of users assigned to you for time-track approval:

Other User’s View Time-Track interface

By default, the interface shows the time-track reported for the current month in a chart, grouped by days. Each column shows a day; leaves and overtime are marked with different colors. By pointing the cursor over a column, you can see details on the time tracked for that day:

View Time-Track with Time Structure Details

The interface shows the balance of hours actually worked and required by the schedule. The balances for the selected period and as of today are available, as well as the difference between the scheduled and the submitted hours.

In the Details section, time-track with statuses is listed. By default, it is grouped by days, but you can also select grouping by customers, projects and tasks.

Select or deselect Show Tasks option to show or collapse time entries for specific tasks. If there is a comment entered for a time entry, it will be also shown in the list.

View Time-Track with Tasks Details

Dates are clickable. Click on a date to open the week in the Enter Time-Track interface and modify reported time-track, if necessary. For more information, see section Enter and Modify Your Time-Track for the Selected Date/Week.

In the upper part of the interface, totals are shown for the time tracked for a selected period: total time tracked for the period, total working time, total leave time, and total overtime. Overall planned time for a selected period, auto-calculated overtime and leave subtotals are also displayed.

Leave time is shown in the interface only when 'Leave Time Tracking' feature is turned ON in the system settings.

Overtime is shown in the interface only when 'Overtime Registration' feature is turned ON in the system settings.

Use the date range selector to view time-track reported for a specific date range.