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Management of actiTIME users includes the following activities:

Note: Management of departments and time zone groups is available only when these features are turned ON (see Turn Features On / Off section).

To access the user management interfaces, use top-level menu 'Users'.

The access to actiTIME interfaces and data is controlled by a number of permissions that can be granted to a user. There are four groups of permissions in actiTIME:

List of permissions in timesheet
Permissions Section of User Account Settings Interface

actiTIME allows granting pre-defined permission sets to the users using permissions templates. Four default templates are provided:

These templates help you create user roles (regular user, manager, administrator etc.) and assign them to users. You can use default permissions templates or create your own ones if you need to apply custom user roles.

See more information on how to create and assign permissions templates in the Edit User Permissions section.

Note: Only users with 'Manage Accounts & Permissions' permission can access the user management interfaces.