How to Share a Shortcut

You can share the created shortcuts with other actiTIME users. To do so:

  • Locate a necessary shortcut on the Reports Dashboard;
  • Press on the Copy to button to open the user selector window;
  • Type the name of a sought-for employee in the search field or select them from the list of users;
  • Once done, the specified employee will be able to access your shortcut right from their own Reports Dashboard.
User selector window in actiTIME

Share a shortcut with a colleague

Note: Shortcuts to certain types of reports can only be shared with those assigned relevant data access permissions. For instance, you can copy the Billing Summary Report to a colleague’s Reports Dashboard merely if they have the “Manage Cost & Billing Data” permission.

Visit this page to check the complete list of permissions one needs in order to run different reports in actiTIME.