How to Manage Time Zone Groups

When the Time Zone Groups feature is enabled in the system settings, you can distribute users by time zone groups. This feature is useful for companies that have offices in different locations and need to group employees by offices.

Time zone groups provide an additional data grouping in reports, so that you can compare and analyze time-track, cost and billing data of your company’s local offices.

To manage time zone groups, go to the Users tab, click Manage Groups button (top right of the screen) and select Time Zone Groups:


In the “Manage Time Zone Groups” popup window, you can:

  • Create new time zone groups
  • Rename and delete existing ones
  • Move users between the groups

Any of these actions requires the “Manage Accounts & Permissions” right.


The left part of the popup lists all time zone groups in alphabetical order, starting with the default group. The number in brackets indicates how many active users there are in the group.

The right part lists all users within the selected group. By default, only active users are shown. If you need to see all users, select the “Show disabled accounts” checkbox in the bottom part of the window.

Default Time Zone Group

The default time zone group is set up in the Settings > General SettingsIt is automatically applied to all new users added to the system.


Please note that when you modify information in the Default time zone group fields, it affects the existing default group. No new time zone group is created.

When creating a new user, you can also set up a time zone group different from the default one. In the Add User interface, select an existing time zone group or create a new one.


Please note that the default time zone setting (without group) remains applied even when the Time Zone Groups feature is turned off in the Turn Features On / Off interface.

Create New Time Zone Group

To create a new time zone group:

  1. Click Manage Groups > Time Zone Groups button in the User List interface.
  2. Start typing the city name in the text box at the bottom of the interface. Then select the city from the suggested list and click Add.

You can also create a new time zone group directly in the User’s Account Information panel when selecting user’s time zone group.

Modify Time Zone Groups

To modify an existing time zone group:

  1. Click Manage Groups > Time Zone Groups button in the User List interface.
  2. Click on the time zone group to edit its name.
  3. Click on the displayed time zone (right box) and start typing the city name to select the new time zone.

Move Users Between Time Zone Groups

To move users to another time zone group, you can use the Move To button in the bottom of the interface...


...or drag and drop selected users to another time zone group:


Delete Time Zone Groups

Click on the symbol to delete the time zone group and confirm the deletion. Any users from this group will be automatically moved to the default time zone group.

Please note that you cannot delete the default time zone group.

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