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Task, Project, and Customer Management includes the following activities:

  • Project & Customer Management

    • Registering new customers and projects
    • Browsing active and archived customers and projects
    • Editing information of registered customers and projects
    • Archiving customers and projects and restoring them from archives
    • Deleting customers and projects

  • Task Management

    • Creation of new tasks
    • Browsing open and completed tasks
    • Editing task information
    • Completing and re-opening tasks

Note that in User Guide the default names for the time-track hierarchy levels are used:

    - Top level: 'Customer'
    - Middle level: 'Project'
    - Time entry level: 'Task'

You can change the default names of the hierarchy levels in the general system settings. See General System Settings section for more information.

To access the interfaces for Task, Project, and Customer Management use top-level menu option 'Tasks'.

There are three (3) permissions defined for Task, Project, and Customer Management:

  • Manage Customers & Projects
  • Manage Tasks
  • Enter Time-Track

Users with 'Manage Customers & Projects' permission can access all system interfaces related to project and customer management. Grant this permission to those users who are responsible for customer & project management in your organization. For example, you can grant them to project managers.

Users with 'Manage Tasks' permission can create and modify tasks in the active projects assigned to them. Grant this permission to those users who should be able to create tasks by themselves.

Users who have 'Manage Customers & Projects' permission always have 'Manage Tasks' permission.

Users with 'Enter Time-Track' permission only are allowed to browse tasks and modify task comments, but are not allowed to modify other task information. Moreover, such users will not see the project & customer management interfaces at all.

Note that users without these permissions will not see any of the task, project & customer management interfaces.

See User Management section for information on how to grant task, project, and customer management permissions to system users.