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To access customers, projects and tasks available in the system, use the Tasks tab:

Tasks menu

In actiTIME, the time-tracking structure includes three levels:

  • Top level: Customer

  • Middle level: Project

  • Lowest level: Task

These are the default names. You can configure any other names for these levels in the General Settings interface.

Three permissions are provided for accessing and managing time-tracking hierarchy in actiTIME:

  • Enter Time-Track: a basic permission that allows to submit time expenses and review task data.

  • Manage Tasks: a permission that allows to create, modify and delete tasks of assigned projects.

  • Manage Customers & Projects: a permission that allows to manage all levels of the time-track hierarchy.

    Users without time-track management permissions only can access projects assigned to them.

    Managers with “Approve Time-Track” and “Lock Time-Track” permissions can or cannot access time-track details of projects not assigned to them, depending on the data access setting.

See more information on user permissions in the User Management section.