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Customer & Project management process in actiTIME includes the following activities:

In the Tasks interface, the left panel shows the hierarchy of customers and projects available in the system. Here you can select what customers and projects you need to be displayed, create new ones and review settings of specific projects and customers:

hierarchy of customers and projects

Creating New Customers and Projects

Use the “+Add New” button to create new customers and projects. Various options are provided to speed up the setup of the time-tracking structure:

  • When creating new customers, you can copy projects with their assignments, descriptions and tasks from any other active customer you have access to.

  • When creating new projects, you assign teams and add tasks to them right away. You can also copy all tasks with descriptions, deadlines and estimates from any other active project you have access to.

  • When assigning teams to projects, please note that you can hide time-track details from managers who are not assigned to the relevant projects. You can do that in the General Settings interface.

Managing Existing Customers and Projects

To review and edit customer or project settings, click on the cog icon. A settings panel will open where you can review and edit the following information:

  • Name;

  • Status (active or archived);

    When a customer is flagged as archived, all its projects get archived too. All open tasks of archived customers and projects are automatically completed.

    The data of the archived customers and projects remain in the system, but time can no longer be tracked for their tasks.

    You can reopen an archived project or customer at any time.

  • Description;

  • Users assigned to projects.

    Users without time-track management permissions only can access projects assigned to them.

    Managers with “Approve Time-Track” and “Lock Time-Track” permissions can or cannot access time-track details of projects not assigned to them, depending on the data access setting.

Customer and Project panels

Time totals for a project or a customer are also shown. You can see more time-track details by specific tasks in the task list on the right side of the interface.

“Actions” menu contains following options:

  • Delete customer or project;

  • Move project to another customer.

Be careful when deleting customers and projects. This action cannot be undone.

When you delete a project with tasks and reported time-track, all this information is deleted permanently. After deletion it will no longer be available in the system reports.