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Task management in actiTIME includes the following activities:

In the Tasks list, you can review tasks existing in the system. You can select tasks of all or only specific projects and customers, create new tasks, and modify almost all their parameters directly in the list:

Task management interface

Creating New Tasks

In actiTIME there are two ways to create new tasks:

  1. Manual creation.

    Click on “+Add New Tasks”, select “Create new tasks”, and fill in the list with task names and details: estimates, deadlines, and types of work. Also select here customer and project to associate the tasks with (or create new customers and projects directly from this interface).

    Create new task interface

    Selecting the checkbox in the rightmost column will add the recently created task to your Enter Time-Track interface.

  2. Task import from a CSV file.

    This option is convenient if you need to create many tasks and don’t want to enter each of them manually.

    Prepare a file according to our template (you can download it in the interface), save it in UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding, and drag-and-drop the file into the upload area. Your time-track structure will be imported.

    Import tasks unterface

Managing Existing Tasks

Basic task parameters can be edited directly from the tasks list. More details are available in the task settings panel that opens by clicking on the task name:

Task settings

“Actions” menu opens following options for the task:

  • Move task to another project;

  • Delete task.

Be careful when deleting tasks. This action cannot be undone. The task is deleted with all time records submitted for it by all users.